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Mountaineering is an excellent activity for those who love the mountains and adventure sports. It’s the perfect venture to enjoy nature practicing cross-country skiing, ice climbing or freeriding.
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Enjoy unique, calm, and uncrowded routes in Baqueira Beret practicing cross-country skiing through incomparable landscapes. NOMAD will guide you through peaks and hills creating unique and exceptional outings.

At NOMAD we tailor each activity to our customer’s needs, we offer both beginners courses and courses for those who are already familiar with the discipline and want to improve their skills. In these sessions, you will also gain safety techniques, knowledge of the terrain and itinerary management skills.

If you are already an expert, let us guide you through the best cross-country skiing spots in the valley. We promise to surprise you with the best mountain itineraries.

This activity can be done individually or in small groups of up to 6 people, as long as the members of the group have a similar level of cross-country skiing.

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5 people

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