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1992 – 2022. 30 years of true passion for snow and sea. Today, looking back, it is inevitable to start remembering all the experiences and moments spent, those unforgettable years that have made time literally fly by. We have traveled all over the world, accompanied by the best skiers and sailing partners, many of whom have been passing through our store, and all those we have met at conventions, parties and rallies. Undoubtedly, a great family with a common denominator, the passion for our favorite sports.

How was Daffi born?

Many years have passed since an experienced, but above all passionate skier-windsurfer: Gerard Sol, decided to share, enjoy, work and live from his passion: snow and water. What was a small shop in the neighborhood of Sants in Barcelona, moved to its current location on Paris street in Barcelona: 400m dedicated to skiing, snowboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing and paddle surfing.

What services does the store offer?

It is a specialized store. Our offer is extensive and varied, the stock is abundant and, of course, only the best brands of each sport are offered to our customers after a careful selection of the product.

We have a repair shop specialized in both skis and boots, where making insoles, deforming shells, making custom boots or solving foot pain problems is part of our daily routine. For the little ones we have several formulas, so that they can ski in the most economical way, as is the season rental, always composed of brand new skis and boots.

How is it different?

DAFFI is more than just a store. During these 30 years we have tried to offer the best to our customers. For this reason we have published magazines and catalogs. And we even conduct tests for the best magazines of the moment. But it doesn’t end here: windsurfing summer camps for children, skiman and avalanche courses, the Gourmet Club, extreme and not so extreme weekend skiing, torch descents… And, of course, those trips with our customers who are already friends, all over the world, enjoying our passion for snow and water (Chamonix, La grave, Dolomites, Austria, Cabarete, Essaouira, Greece…) What a desire to travel, isn’t it?

All with the same objective as always: